A map of Aitbit. The red, yellow, and pink dots represent poisonous and hallucinogenic gas pockets and carnivorous plants.

Aitbit is a fairly large island where everything is pixelated. It's main inhabitants are the Pixelixes.


Five hundred years ago, a strange island was discovered where everything was pixelated. This island was named Aitbit, and soon after it's discovery, huge veins of rare minerals where found all over. This attracted hoards of miners which quickly destroyed the environment, forcing the inhabitants to move inland to the only part untouched by the miners. Now Aitbit is a waste land except for the center which is surrounded by carnivorous plants and pockets of poisonous and hallucinogenic gasses.

Only one person has make it to the center, a Chibi Kitten named Gerald J. Douglas. Gerald never disclosed how he got in, but he wrote several books on the Pixelixes and the many wonders of the island. He went missing 158 years ago under mysterious circumstances.


  • Festival of the Stars.
    • Every year on February 25, the stars brighten tremendously and all the Pixelixes stay up all night singing and partying.
  • The Week of Winter
    • One of the more peculiar aspects of Aitbit is that Winter only lasts a week and it snows all that week. During this time the Pixelixes celebrate with games and winter treats.
  • The Peak
    • This isn't so much a holiday as it is a warning. Every Pixelixe at the age of ten is taken out through the only safe path to the wasteland outside to be shown why they can never leave their sanctuary.


  • It is believed that any Pixelixe born on the Festival of the Stars will have extraordinary luck.
  • Many foolish adventures still try to find a way to the center in search of riches.

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