Alligirl is an alternative universe character for Crocdude. Alligirl is, for the most part, obsessed with nature and loves building.


Alligirl is a lover of all animals and is also house agent. Alligirl once tried to be a veternarian, but she could not handle seeing animals being sick and having to be put down all the time. Alligirl still loves animals though. Alligirl tries to help all wildlife, while still getting upset if she finds a sick animal, and usually needs a friend to come help her with a sick animal. Alligirl also has two pet dogs,named Carlos and Xander. Alligirl is also, obviously, a vegetarian.


Alligirl has tried being all of the following:

  • Veternarian
  • Miner (like her alternative universe self)
  • Botonist
  • House agent (current)


  • Alligirl has creeperphobia.

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