Alternate Futures are a bit like the Alternate Universe. These are different paths Meatworld could have taken, which would change characters drastically, make them poor, kill them off early in life, or even prevent them from ever existing.

Alternate Futures

This is a list of Alternate Futures. Carry on.

Porky Minch Alternate Future

Porky Minch and the Pigmasks take over Meatworld. New Pork City is literally the entire planet. All animal species (including Pokemon) are extinct.

Greninja-Mewtwo War Alternate Future

Instead of hiding inside Mewtwo Mountain, the Mewtwo ally with the Greninja, multiply, and then try to kill them, starting a war. The Greninja die out in the war, and the Mewtwo are the dominant species of Meatworld.

  • King Gieax (Gieax kills a king in battle and becomes the leader of the Mewtwo)
  • Giegue (Giygas is kept in his Giegue state, and fits in with the Mewtwo. This prevents him from being evil)

Completely Random Alternate Future

  • The world turns into a potato.

Add more Alternate Futures bleehhh

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