Angelus and Duo

Angelus and Duo.

Angelus and Duo are two bunnies who are brother and sister. Angelus always had messy, fluffy fur which was white as a cloud, and Duo always kept his fur short, sleek and straight. They often have arguments about which time of the day is better; daytime or nighttime.



Angelus is very peppy, and always wants to have fun. She always plays hide-and-seek in the clouds, and she sometimes eats snowflakes at winter. She loves singing, dancing, partying, and being very energetic and excited. She prefers to keep her fur long and stylish, and is a HUGE cosplayer. Angelus constantly begs her brother, Duo, to take him to Comic-con, but he never lets her.


Duo can be very serious and a little rude sometimes. He rarley ever smiles, and always wants it to be quiet whenever he's busy, which he always is. He makes very exquisite paintings, makes small figurines and statues, and sometimes makes cosplay outfits out of cloud matter for his sister, Angelus. He keeps his black fur very clean.


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