"...and if he even tries....

His flesh will be mine...."


Aremihc was a strange creature, and the first non-spirit/god/godlike being (and the first villain) ever to see Meatworld. He has a single horn that changes colors whenever he wants, which he used to confuse and kill people from a LONG time ago. He had two mouths and 4 wings and a spiral on his head that starts under his norstils and ends near the stripe that lead to his stomach. He had an exposed pouch with his heart in it that lead to his death, and he had 4 legs. For some reason, he had an arrow under his first pair of wings, and he also had a Meganium's tail. He couldn't speak, and could only make horn-like noises, until he realized the arrow is technoligy and could translate him.

He is also only on this wiki because Count Desertstone got bored and decided to make the weirdest thing he could thing of.


Aremihc was the first non-godlike thing to have ever seen Meatworld, and he came as an alien visitor 5 seconds before the second living things came. He hated these other creatures just because he was a real Porky, and he used his horn to confuse them and then suck out their life forces and eat them. Then, somebody poked the pouch with his heart and he died.


  • Barely anything is known about him.

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