"The show was going to be about Count Desertstone and Claus, but then Arceus came down from the heavens and forced us to scrap the entire idea."

Bold and Masked

~Lord Dome

Artistic Talent was going to be a show about bad artwork, but it was cancelled in the proccess. It was filmed by Lord Dome and his Kabuto army.

History and Cancellation

Lord Dome wanted to become well-known around Meatworld, so he gathered with Ridley, Claus, Count, Bulb, Madac, and Gieax. They decided to make a show, so Gieax bought a camera and became the cameraman. Madac and Bulb did the editing while Dome, Claus, and Count made the show. Each episode was planned to be about a terrible piece of art, and the first episode was going to be about "Bold and Masked". After the first episode was finished, the team decided to stop the entire idea of making a show and forgot it existed.


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