Company Logo is a company that makes games for the Gameboy, Gameboy DX, and TES (Tanouki Entertainment System)

History was founded by Doug and Fred Bittman in 1991. Started as a illegal game seller for the Gameboy, Mintendo was impressed with their work and hired both Bittman to work for Mintendo. has made many games such as,

  • Stickman Adventures (Gameboy)
  • Yule Log 1994 (Gameboy & TES)
  • A Taco's Life (Gameboy)
  • Mystery of Mayor McGarrget (Gameboy DX)
  • Racer Man DX (Gameboy DX)
  • Stickman Adventures (TES)
  • And many more was later disscontinued in 2001, shortly after Fred Bittman's death. Doug now lives in Blocklandia as a normal citizen.


  • All of's games are 8-bit.
  • Many of there games have subliminal messages in there games code. Doug Bittman refuses to ever talk about them,
  • ROM's of their unrealesed game "Super Happy Fun Time Hour" exist around the internet.
  • was based off of Fred's intrest with 8-bit games.

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