Blobzor is a chimera and the only one of his kind. He is a hybrid of a Worthless Protoplasm, a Ditto, and a Blopor. He almost completely vulnerable to death, though can be stunned and hurt easily, he is somewhat weak, but is quite stealthy. He is rumored to be a failed expirement by Porky Minch after the death of You.


  • Secrets
  • Those secretive, hero-smypathetic 'Moblin'-things in the hidden holes


He can morph into only certain types of Pokemon (such as Snivy,Togepp,and Ditto). He is however a master of morphing into objects and odd matter types. He once disguised as the Wind Waker so he could kill Ganon (which turned out to be a link in a costume) and morph into his form, it worked and he was revealed by The Core. The Core gave him to a group of Octoroks. And he was never seen again after that. Although rumors of Blobzor conquering the octoroks are widespread, however, it is likely the Octoroks killed him instead.

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