The Bulbamas
are 3 islands. The largest one, Bulbama, resembles a Bulborb, giving the 3 islands their name. Most of Count Desertstone's characters live here.

The islands


Claus, Porky Minch, and Bulb live here. It is the largest island, and is half desert, half grassland. The most common animals here are Bulborbs, Pikmin, Watery Blowhogs, Swooping Snitchbugs, Breadbugs, Snagrets, and Yellow Wollywogs.

Bulbmin Cove

Bulb used to live here. It is the smallest of the 3 islands. It consists mostly of caves, and Bulbmin are the dominant race here, and they have large villages. Other animals include Phosbats, Dweevils, Wollywogs, and Shaggy Longlegs. Pikpiko is the king of this island.

Secret Space Pirate Island

Ridley and the Rougue Chimera live here. Space Pirates used to own this island, giving it it's name, but as time went on, they only owned half of it. Half of the Pigmask army owns the other half. Since the Pigmask army owns half of it, Chimeras include Wollyborbs, Shaggy Longwraiths, Swooping Snagrets, Armored Mawdweevils, Emperor Bulbats, Breadhogs, and Ultimate Bulblaxes. Animals on the Space Pirate half include Waterwraiths, Plasm Wraiths, Emperor Bulblaxes, Empress Bulborbs, Bulbears, and Raging Longlegs. The Space Pirates originally secretly planned attacks here.


Bulbama: Chozo Ruins (Metroid Prime)

Bulbmin Cove: Deku Palace (LoZ: Majora's Mask)

Secret Space Pirate Island (Space Pirate Half): Mystic March (Pikmin 2)

Secret Space Pirate Island (Pigmask half): Astonishing March (MOTHER 3)


  • The Space Pirates and Pigmasks are currently in a war.
  • Most of SSPI is machinery and buildings. If you look at it from the sky, it looks like a black blob.
  • Greninja Tunnels is located here in the ocean, but nobody exactly knows where.

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