"...I love Mutaliuns."


Sir Chalk Ashdrawing Azul (AKA "Chalk") is a light blue peice of chalk created with a mixture of the DNA of a Mutaliun and a Charizard.


Chalk was created when the Pigmask army was trying to make a Mutazard chimera, but some dark red chalk was thrown into the mix by accident. Some of the red chalk formed Chalk's eyes, but most of it was turned into the polar oposite of dark red; light blue. Because of the Charizard DNA, Chalk cound control fire, and because of the Mutaliun DNA, Chalk had a strange voice and a Mutaliun's strange heart. Because of his hidden potential as an unstoppable weapon of mass destruction, half of his brain was split to revive a dead Ditto so he could move on a Ditto as a robot. After 5 years, he befriended the Mutaliun, but was thrown into space. Because he is somewhat immortal (he can't die of old age, and if he breaks he can control both peices), nobody knows what happened to him.


  • Chalk is technically a Chimera, as he was created with Charizard and Mutaliun DNA.
  • He trolled people by writing Creepypasta-ish messages and drawing random marks on walls.

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