The Charizard are a race a Pokémon that were nearly killed off along with the Togepi in the Great Cuisine War. They can survive lava for 15 minutes, so they are known for stopping volcanoes from erupting. The flame on the tail of a Charizard burns hotter when it's stressed or mad.


Ancient Charizards would watch over other species. They would be used as planes for smaller animals at times, and would burn wood to heat bacon. Most of the Charizards were killed in the Great Cuisine War, and the remaining numbers were killed by Giygas, as he was introduced to Meat Logic shortly after the war. Charmanders and Charmeleons lived on, and about half of them evolved into Charizards, reintroducing them to the Bulbamas Islands and soon the rest of Meatworld.

Notable Members


  • The Charizard are the second Pokémon species to be killed in the Great Cuisine War, with the first being the Togepi Line.

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