"My ENTIRE RACE loves this book."

~Count Desertstone

Charizardian Sacrifice is an ancient book by Sir Charizor. It is a myth about the first Charmanders, has 73 chapters, and is 469 pages long. It is a favorite of the Charizard, but the amount of Charizards that love this book is sometimes exaggerated.


3 male Charizards names Blaze, Burn, and Bluefire are the first 3 Charizards. The trio decides to go fishing one day, but instead they find 2 Mega Stones; Charizardnite X and Charizardnite Y. Bluefire looked at the Charizardnite X, realized his destiny, and took it. Burn punches Blaze, and takes the Charizardnite Y. Bluefire and Burn Mega Evovle right in front of Blaze, and the three decide to throw a party. The party is soon crashed by an Alakazam named Netroz, and his two partners, Throawx the Graveler and Shadoway the Gengar. Netroz tells them his team's ancestors died and created the Abra, Kadabra, Geodude, Golem, Gastly, and Haunter. The three had to die to create the first baby Pokemon of their kind, more of their own species, and the first few first evolutions of their kind. Burn bit Blaze, and then Blaze used Flamethrower on Bluefire, and the three ended up killing eachother, creating Charmanders, Charmeleons, and more Charizards.


  • Burn and Blaze are a reference to the Wings of Fire book series.
  • Count has a rare collector's addition of this, with a golden cover.

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