Chester is a Mobile,living,container creature that follows you around as long as you are carrying his Eye-bone. He is part dog and part chest, hence his name. 


Chester was originally Maxwell's dog,but Chester had gotten extremly ill,and almost had to be put down. Maxwell instead took a cloth dresser and combined it with his dog using magic. Chester somehow lost his eyes in the combonation,and one was stuck on a bone chester lost too,and made an Eye-bone. Chester always stuck near his Eye-bone,someday wishing someone could put it back into his body.


Before Transformation

Chester was always a peppy,kind,and loyal follower To his owner Maxwell.However Chester liked to stay outside and  contracted many sicknesses. His sicknesses,while common,usually were not worse than a common cold. Chester was always wise,even at one point breaking out of dog cell in a pound. Chester also had a strange fondness to chicken soup.

After Transformation

After losing his eyes,brain,and pretty much everything else,Chester was somehow still functioning, but had almost completly changed. Chester disliked pretty much everything that did not have the ability to pick things up. Chester did still stay loyal,if a large creature picked up his Eye-bone,he would follow no matter what. Chester,as mentioned before,lost his brain and became a lot less intellegent. Chester did keep common sense however, but smarter things (such as how to unlock locks) were lost from his memory. Chester also lost his fondness for chicken soup,as he also happened to lose his taste buds.



  • Chester's full name is Otto Von Chesterfield, esq.

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