"One time, Mario, Samus, and Link had a battle. The winner was Claus."

~Count Desertstone

Claus Won is a somewhat common joke that is used to troll two people arguing. You take two things, say they had a fight/battle/ect. and say "Claus won" (even if Claus has nothing to do with the topic).


Claus Won was first brought up when Rekanochi and Count Desertstone were on Animal Jam, and Count all of the sudden decided to say the page quote. This led to Reka and Count constantly making the joke, with Scottnov soon joining in.


  • Ridley referenced this joke in his Porkymon Ridley Reviews episode. In the beginning of the episode, he says, "You see, 'Charnite' and the Mecha Drago can have a battle in this game. Is Claus going to win?"
  • Claus himself claims that he won the Great Cuisine War, even though he wasn't even born when it happened.

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