"No, this isn't just a tin can with paint from the garbage, a toy lightsaber from a Star Wars birthday party set, and a mask I stole from Claus himself! This is the REAL deal!"


Scorch "Clauschar" Starwing is a shiny Charizard and the brother of Count Desertstone. Like his brother, he is a major Claus fan, and even changed his name to "Clauschar". He is starting to leave the Claus fandom, as he wears his Claus costume less often, calls himself "Scorch" more, and is now a bigger fan of Sir Ricecake the lll.


Clauschar was born about a year before Count, and had the 1/*put large number here* chance of being a shiny Pokemon. Because of this, he was popular in school, and lead a small group of popular Pokemon that consisted of himself, a Samurott, a Swampert, a Raichu, and another Charizard. A few days after Count became a Claus fan, Scorch hated the EarthBound character for a while. One day, the Samurott and Raichu in his group stole a spare mask Claus had (they met horrible, horrible fates). In a few days, Scorch changed his name to Clauschar and wore a Claus outfit every single day. After his 11th birthday, the new "popular Pokemon" in school was a shiny Blaziken named Flamefury. Flamefury was a fan of Sir Ricecake the III, and Scorch soon became a fan too. Flamefury was a real Porky Minch, as he would always punch people to get out of the way and had some Blazikenite that he would threaten to use if anybody dissagreed with him. Flamefury moved one day, and to this very day, Clauschar never wants to see another shiny fire-type ever again.


  • Claus (formally)
  • Sir Ricecake the III
  • Count
  • His group of friends
  • Spicy foods


  • Sweet foods
  • Flamefury
  • Porky Minch


  • WIP

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