The Cookylish, or Cookie, is a very silly and carefree species of food.


They are circularly shaped with different kinds of chocolate in them, however, like Cakes and many other species, they have a varity of flavors.

Notable Members


The cookies have a very long and boring history. Cookies were one of the first races in Meatworld, but due to never being too vocal or exciting, they were never really cared for. Scientists of Meatworld found ancient fossils of cookies to further back up they long history, but due to being so old, they had little features left; the cookies only had their circular shape left. Cookie fossils are commonly used in many experiments due to them having partially low resistance to most substances. Due to being mass tested on, many fossils have also been corrupted or completely destroyed. One scientist managed to bring a young cookie back to life, but the scientist was never able to keep hold of the cookie and keep it in captivity. This cookie was soon adopted by Rekanochi and named Crumble. It is unknown what the scientist or Crumble did with the potion, and it is possible that more Cookies are currently being revived.


  • All cookies are derpy in one way or another.
  • Morp likes cookies, because they are derpy like himself.
  • They usually have cute eyes or face, because this makes them derpier.

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