"u maey kiss da woofy!"

~Cownt in "skawt x woofy, da wiered weding"

Cownt Dessurtstone is a character in the upcoming book in the "skawt x woofy" series , "skawt x woofy, da wiered weding".


In "da wiered weding", he tries to fix a "perfuct weding" for skawt and woofy. He accidentally burns woofy, ending the weding. He also made porkee crash into a wall.


"u 2 r so kyoot tugether!!11!"

"im surry skawt ))))))))))))): dat giy with stealth rawk iz gunna get mii :((((((((((((("

"nuuu! porkee minsh!"

"du u axxept woofy az ur luvly wiyf????"

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