Creepers are agressive Blocky Creatures in the realm of Minecraft that make use of a suicide-style attack: It approaches players and then explodes, causing damage to creatures as well as surrounding structures. Creepers are invincible to any forms of sunlight,unlike their undead allies.  Creepers standing in darkness will wander and attack throughout the day.

Attack Style

Creepers are especially dangerous creatures due to their almost completely silent approach, save for light footsteps and an occasional rustling noise that is compared to someone walking on leaves.Because they have no arms or really anything to use a weapon with,they somehow manage to self-detonate.A Creeper will warn a person moments before it explodes with a burning fuse-like noise. Their explosion is devastating at short range, to structures and living creatures.

Creepers have become notorious and infamous among residents of The World Of Meat Logic for their infuriating habit of sneaking up on people to inflict devastating damage following an all-too-short warning sound. They have arguably become the most recognizable image from the Minecraft realm.

If a Creeper is struck by lightening,it will capture the essense of electricity and increase it's power to insane levels. This activity is rare,but not unrecorded.


Creepers were first recorded around the creation of Blocklandia. Science on Creeper anatomy has shown they are filled with a strange natural gunpowder-like substance that is highly flammable. How Creepers breed or are made is still unknown, as placing two Creepers into a pen together only resulted in a large explosion and a demolition expert losing his license. Due to their skin texture and sounds they make,it is speculated they are some kind of leaf-like creature,but it is unknown how this would even work.


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