Crude drawing of him.

Cthulhu is a Cthulhmin (a type of chimera). He used to be a Mary QSue a very long time ago, but he was nerfed and as such he is there sheerly just to be a meme of OP and so Patfan1 can have an arch nemesis. He constantly whines to his friends in the Evil Club of Cluster-derps to go try to PWn anyone who kicks his butt, however they hardly even care. He is currently residing as a exile in an underground James Bond villain underground secret lair frequently plotting the end of the world but he fails every time.


Curse you Patfan1!

No I am not a mary sue, stupid pup!' (When arguing with FlamingFireHound)

Can't believe Odorship shipped me with Scottnot!

Tacos taste good dead AND alive! >:)

My master made those dumb Ice hearts for good entertainment, better than television.



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