Diabolist 1

A Diabolist about to cast a spell.

The Diabolists are a race of undead creatures that live on Windworth Island. They are quite powerful and rely on fire spells and teleportation to help them best their enemies. However, they are also gullible, gluttonous, and weak to pain of any kind. They are also physically weak.

Diabolists are known for being fluent in Russian. They take offenses to "Mother Russia" very, very seriously.
Diabolist 2

A Diabolist about to perform its last-resort firebomb-style attack.


  • A Diabolist will hit enemies with a small fireball from a distance. It leaves a trail of flames for some time after.
  • They can teleport around if an enemy gets too close to them.
  • A weakened Diabolist may launch a large fireball at enemies. This fireball explodes violently on contact.
  • A Diabolist on the brink of death will explode in a firebomb style, showering the general vicinity (miles around) with liquid fire for several days.

How to defeat

  • Diabolists can easily be lured into a trap baited with food. Burned food is best, but any kind will work.

    Blame a Diabolist.

  • They are extremely sensitive to pain and most are hemophobic (afraid of blood). Cutting them will panic them greatly.
  • Diabolists, although they would like to, cannot glide; this means they frequently trip over their own robes. Uneven footing is their nemesis.
  • Due to being fiery creatures, they hate water and precipitation of all kinds. Staying in water or rain will keep them away and weaken them.
  • Getting into melee combat with them may result in a fireball in the face, but they are physically weak and as such cannot hurt with melee weapons very much.

Diabolist Army

The Diabolists are planning to take down Plantera, who sings offensive songs about them. However, they can't find the giant freakin' plant.


  • 1-20 years: child
  • 21-70 years: adolescent
  • 71-700 years: adult
  • 701-1000 years: senior

Relations with general public

Diabolists value their solitude, and think, paranoically, that anyone not of their race is coming to steal their food and magic to take over their kingdom. This is why they are aggressive to most species.

Notable Diabolists

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