"What is It's name...?"


Droliaw-no-Yttiks (DRO-LEE-AW-no-YIT-TICKS), or Droliaw for short is the now-dead "mother of the Itlings".


When the Chibi Kitten meteorite struck, one small rainbow created Droliaw. Droliaw hated the fact the rainbow made it's own colors rainbow, and he hated how itself looked overall, so it ran to the Icelands. When it was trying to dig to find Mewtwo Mountain, it found a weakened It. Droliaw healed It, and Droliaw decided to force It to make a few Itlings in return for healing It. The first few Itlings helped Droliaw successfully create a tunnel to Mewtwo Mountain, but Droliaw was killed by the Mewtwo.


Giratina's theme (Pokemon Platinum)


  • Droliaw-no-Yttiks translates to "Creator of Destroyers" in Bulblaxian.
  • Droliaw slightly resembles a Mutaliun.

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