"Prepare to be... BLOWN AWAY!"


Drought is Klauz's pet Vehemoth Phosbat. He is the Alternate Bulb, and acts as a Pikmin-type pet, just like Bulb is to Claus. He is just like the Vehemoth Phosbat boss from Pikimin 3, but his orange spots are covered in soot, and he has a massive scar across his left eye.




  • He is Klauz's only friend.
  • Drought's original concept was a Wollywog. This was later scrapped.
  • He was named "Drought" because he made Bulborbs extinct in the Alternate Demension by drinking all of the water, letting the Bulborbs to die.
  • Just like Bulb is the only Bulbmin who can survive getting out of dungeons and caves, Drought is the only Phosbat who can resist sunlight.


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