Not to be confused with Dragon.


A red Dwagon.

Dwagons are small, round, adorable critters that wander near volcanoes. They eat Fuzzballs and Dragonfruit, and they come in more colors than Fuzzballs. They come in red, blue, yellow, brown, black, pink, purple, white, green, orange, and even rainbow, gold, and glow-in-the-dark! They are flightless because of their small, clumsy wings, and even adult Dwagons can't fly. 

Holiday Dwagons

Whenever a holiday rolls around, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. then Holiday Dwagons wake up on their respective holiday.

Valentines Day

  • Cupid Dwagon
  • Love Dwagon
  • Dwagon of Heart


  • Egg-stealing Dwagon
  • Easter Bunny Dwagon
  • Dandelion Dwagon
  • Chick/Peeping Dwagon

St. Patricks'

  • Lepracaun Dwagon
  • Clover/Lucky Dwagon


  • Spooky/Ghost Dwagon
  • Punkin/Pumpkin Dwagon
  • Zambie/Zombie Dwagon
  • Vampire Dwagon
  • Mummy Dwagon


  • Reindwagon/Reindeer Dwagon
  • Santa Dwagon
  • Snow Dwagon/Snowman Dwagon
  • Ice Dwagon


  • Though it is a very rare chance, some Dwagons are seen making friends with a Fuzzball, often cuddling them and supporting them. They even live and grow up with each other.


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