~El Stealth Rock

'El Stealth Rock '(El S.R for short) is a taco-eating Rampardos that likes to troll Charizards and other Fire/Flying-types.

Tornado hates this guy.


El S.R was raised by a Charizard, but he made the Charizard faint when he was 12 by accidentally spamming his moves. He wandered the world, until he found a Cakelita Delishmono which fed him a dead Tacito Mexicano. He went insane, and soon created his name. To this day, he is trolling Charizards by saying, "Hey! My name is El Stealth Rock!"


  • Rocks
  • Tacos (as food)
  • Cakes
  • More rocks
  • Bricks


  • Water-types
  • Fighting-types
  • Grass-types
  • Mnerals that aren't related to rocks


  • He likes to eat rocks.

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