Note the flames on the liquid.

The Fire Potion is a kind of potion that sets things on fire. It is a deep red liquid, that normally has flames dancing across the surface.


As previously stated,the Fire Potion's most common use is too burn things down and commit other acts of Arson. This makes the Fire Potion banned in most cities. Cities include but are not limited to: Tacoiteria, Block Town,and basically any other place that has a building on it's ground. The fire potion also has the effect of setting consumers on fire,or resistant to fire (depending on the freshness on the rose petals and motor oil). Both of these effects last for about 2 hours;water instantly stops both these effects.


  • 2 bottles of flames
  • An ounce of the blood of a virgin FireHound
  • 3 strands of Firehound fur
  • Half a cup of smashed rose petals
  • Minimum 3 pints of motor oil (add more oil for a bigger fire)


Due to its warming effect, most Ice hearts chug these potions as if they were chocolate milk.

The reason the flasks that contain Fire Potions never burn is because the Firehound fur is fire proof,and strangly makes materials,like glass,also fireproof to the touch.

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