Diabolist 1

Flambe. Or just any other Diabolist.

Flambê is a Diabolist and Tornado's best friend. He is an outcast from his people, who exiled him to a remote part of Windworth Island.

Flambê's Story

When he was young (about 100 years old), Flambê did not have the general paranoia of other Diabolists and thought that they should offer help to other groups of creatures and receive help in return. He agitated greatly for this (although he went through a series of twenty-two soapboxes; the others were burnt down) and, in the end, was banished to Windworth Island. He then met Tornado. The two became fast friends due to Flambê's almost magnetic personality.


  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Lightning
  • Undead
  • Most things



  • Flambê is remarkably skilled at cooking; he doesn't even need a stove. He can just light a campfire with a fire spell.

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