Flamings book

Flamingfirehound holding "skawt x woofy"

Flaming's Book Series, or just "skawt x woofy" is a series of, at the moment, 4 books. As one would imagine it's author is FlamingFirehound. It is purposely very poorly written.

Books in the series so far

"skawt x woofy":

In this book, the reader is introduced into the books main characters, "skawt" and "woofy". For another 5 pages in consists of 'skawt' and 'woofy' saying "luvy duvi comnts". About half way, skawt accidentally throws an acorn at a new character named "porkee". This angers porkee and makes him steal woofy, and skawt goes to save her in a very boring way. After they defeat porkee, woofy says "thx 4 savin mea skawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and the book suddenly ends.

"skawt x woofy: teh beg brake up"

In this book, porkee makes it look like that skawt was cheating on woofy with a new character who is woofy's best friend, Reekah. This makes woofy sad and even though porkee suggested that she was being cheated on she believed it. Most of the rest of the book is going through some random cave to get woofy back with the help of skawts new friend reekah.

"skawt x woofy: 2 werldz colyde"

In this book, a rift opens from the world that takes place in these books and the WoML world. Skawt dislikes Scottnov, and Woofy dislikes WolfyKitty. Scott and Wolfy are both very irritaed in this book. It ends with them going back to their original worlds. Porky and Rekanochi also guest star.

"skawt x woofy; teh luv poshun"

This time, porkee uses a love potion on woofy to make her do his bidding. Skawt must, once again, save her. It ends with skawt saving woofy and then porkee eats many burgers. It then, oddly enough, shifts to a new character, "pahtfan1" aparently liking "reekah". It suddenly ends.


Most people dislike this book, though, Count Desertstone and Patfan1 absolutely love it because they have a sense of humor. Scottnov and Wolfykitty really dislike this book, but more scott as wolfy thinks it is somewhat funny.


  • Flaming was going to add himself into the comic with his love interest being "reekah", but ultimately decided not to as controversy would arise.

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