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Gar is a Cubone and the main Pokemon of Claus. His level is somewhere in between 70 and 80, but it is unknown at the moment. He was the first Pokemon Claus ever caught, technically making Gar his starter. He has a rare disease that won't let Pokemon evovle, so he never evovled into Marowak.


Not much is known about Gar's history. All that is known is that a trainer found out he had an anti-evolution lifelong sickness and got rid of him. Gar followed Claus for a long time, and Claus soon caught him. Gar was Claus' only Pokemon unitil almost a year later when Claus got Madac as a Froakie. After Porky stole one of Claus' shirts to make Sualc, a large rivalry began between Gar and Porky's Chimchar, who also has the disease.


  • Trolling Electric-Types
  • Claus
  • Other Cubones
  • Marowaks
  • His skull
  • Kangaskhan


  • Sualc
  • Porky
  • Getting teased because he's not able to evovle.


NOTE: All of these are from when Gar is spoken to when Claus is in his Cubone form. Normally, all he can say is "Cubone".

"I think I have the type advantage over that Chimchar. If I had to nickname it, I would name it 'idiot'."

"I mean, seriously. The ENTIRE time I was in the battle with that Pikachu, all I heard was 'it doesn't effect Cubone...'"

"YAY! POKEPUFFS! Wait... Give that back..."



  • "Garagara" is japanese for "Marowak", which was the inspiration for Gar's name.

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