"Mewtwo Potion and Pigmask Potion both contain disgusting ingredients, and this potion mixes them and turns you into a demon. Don't try this at home, kids."

~Gieax reviewing the potion

Giegue Potion turns the user into Giygas... Sorta.

Effects and Notes

Giegue Potion lasts FOREVER (until you die). It takes over your body, and turns your body into the shape of Giygas' body when he was Giegue from EarthBound Zero. You are aware of what is going on, but you just can't control your body. All you do is kill people and/or steal their food and most prized possession(s). This continues until you reach Giygas' lair, and merge with him, and die. This gives Giygas strength. Halfway through journeying to Giygas' lair, your Sprite escapes, mainly because you are technically a walking dead person at that point. The user's friends never know who they are anymore, and mistake them as Giegue or a Mewtwo.



  • The Pigmask army uses this as a final punishment if a Chimera, Prisoner, or Pigmask's actions violate Porky Minch's rules for the tenth time.

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