Gilbur Glutton is a Giant Breadbug that is good at cooking. He likes to make elegeant meals and scavenge for new ingredients (AKA steal treasures) in his spare time. He is friends with Patfan1.


He used to live in the Mixed Dimension, where everything from others universes came into one. In that world, the Togepi never went extinct, and Gilbur coincidentally had an entourage of Togepis. One day, a dimensional vortex sucked him into Meatworld. The creator of the vortex is unidentified. Many say It may be the culprit. He met Patfan1 and they became friends.


  • Patfan1 (sometimes)                                                    
  • Cooking
  • Scavenging


  • Bad chefs


  • DarkSpace likely thinks his quotes are strange.
  • His cooking entourage of Togepis in his old dimension still cook in his name.
  • He recognized Bulb from somewhere when he first entered Meat Logic.

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