The Glitch

The Glitch in action

The Glitch is a monster, created by coding errors, bugs, and corrupt saves, it could destroy a Pixel World within minutes.


There are four types of glitches:

1. Code Crashers: This glitch will freeze time, then continue to destroy the destination. It is highly destructable. (example of this glitch is in the picture)

2. Texture Errors: This glitch can change the coloring of your walls, which makes everything look messed up. This glitch can be edited manually by entering the developer code (UP,UP,DOWN,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT,A,B.START). This glitch is not very dangerous.

3. Corruptors: This glitch can delete an entire world in a flash, luckly, most pixel worlds have a code to disable this error, but a handful don't due to time constraints. It is highly destructable.

4. Unknown files: These glitches are from the result of unprogramed events triggered. Some will spawn garbage data such as, Missingno, The Minus World, Debug Mode. and some will just crash the game in result

5. Unnamed Type: First breeded in the hive known as Aliens: Colonial Marines, this type latches onto the brain of the denizens of a Pixel World and corrupts it.

Infested Worlds

Some worlds, not limited to Pixel Worlds, have become hives of sort for Glitches. They are entirely infested with them. Important infested lands for cleansing are located below:


An example of the new 5th breed of glitch. Click for .gif.

-Action 52. A cursed Pixel World. All four types have been found in this area, in all 52 sectors at once.

-Aliens: Colonial Marines. Even the most modern of Worlds are unable to escape the Glitchish Horde. It appears that a fifth breed of glitch has been mutated in this hive.


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