Greasen is a Grimer, a poison type pokemon. Patfan1 is his owner, and the two are good friends. He is very derpy and slimy. He smells so bad that he is poisonous. He likes to cuddle with those who he feels are friendly, often resulting in them being covered in sewer liquid or sludge.


Greasen was born to a female Muk, along with hundreds of siblings in a half-flooded sewer, infamous for being used a garbage can for extremely unwanted items. Eventually, a gang of formerly domesticated, now hostile and wild Hounds killed the Muk and at least half of his siblings. The remainder of the Grimers fled to deeper caves in the sewer, living off of sewage from pipes to survive. He eventuallly discovered there were mushrooms growing in the sewers. He eventually grew a love for these mushrooms. On a rainy day a few weeks later, Patfan1 came to throw away a huge trash bag, filled with It-supporting merchandise. Grease eagerly ate the food, and after realizing that Pat was a mushroom, the two grew a bond for each other.


  • He actually plays along with the Skawt x Woofy joke, since one day a crumpled up piece of paper that showed the showed the shipping was eaten by him.

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