Final froakie evolution greninja confirmed by mblock-d6oie9q
"You'll drown today."

~The last line a Greninja usually says after somebody finds their secret kingdom.

Greninjas are rare creatures found in the oceans of the Bulbamas Islands. They dominated the Bulbamas at the time. This era was called the Age of the Greninjas. This ended when Grub-Dog numbers started multiplying, and other species started to hunt them. The remaining numbers live in pinapples under the sea an underwater kingdom that it yet to be found.

Age of the Greninjas (30,000,000 years ago)

This era was 35 million years long. Greninjas were the dominant race of the Bulbamas, and had pet Bulbmin. Greninjas mainly spoke English or Bulblaxian. Common names for Greninjas included Salty, Riptide, and anything with "ac" at the end. This ended when the Greninjas ran out of food, and fought in a giant war. The last two remaining tribes where the Bulbamians and the Seasmashes. The Bulbamians won, and retreated to the sea, as Grub-dog numbers increased rapidly.

Notable Members


  • They actually benefit from being trapped in the Water Temple, as they are Water-Types, and some evil Greninjas can help prisoners escape. This is why the newest model of the Water Temple has Pokeballs around the walls outside of the underwater exit.
  • They wanted to be allied with the Togepi, so a small band of Greninjas were sent to give them presents. Unfortunatly, the nuclear bomb from the Cakelita Delishmonos exploded, and the Greninja band died in the proccess.
  • Apparentally, they are planning to aid the Space Pirates and Ridley in the Pigmask-Space Pirate war. No data has been found yet.
    • They hate Porky Minch most likely because the Navy SQEALs are responsible for stealing Greninjas and turning them into "Grenepiis". The Grenepii Chimeras are no longer made, the the Navy SQEALs that found the Greninjas died later that day.
  • They may not actually be rare. There could be a ton in the kingdom, however, this has not been confirmed.
    • The Greninja kingdom hasn't even been confirmed as real.
      • Some scientists even believe the "Age of the Greninjas" isn't confirmed as real.
  • Greninjas use another language for speaking underwater called Whirlian. They speak Whirlian by spinning their "scarfs" around. The only word known so far is spinning the "scarf" around 3 times to say "Bidoof-head".
  • Madac accidentally gave away the name of the "secret kingdom", Greninja Tunnels. This may just happen to be the reason "poison" is around the tunnels.


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