HKPM, which stands for Hounds Killed Per-Minute is a popular measuring unit for attack power of a creature/weapon/robot/thing, most military tanks, guns, and cannons use HKPM very often. It doesn't have to be only hounds killed.


HKPM usually is measured in singular units, as such, there is are many different weapons and creatures that can kill many hounds per second. It and The Core have the most HKPM.

Some of the list is as followed:

It and The Core: Infinite HKPM

Togepi and the Ice Hearts: Max; 1000 HKPM

Glacier Islands Glaceons: 500-800 HKPM

Ultra-Uber-Mega-Bomb: Max; 500 HKPM

Beetleons: Max; 50 HKPM

Deercops: Max; 25 HKPM

Most other races on Meatworld: Can range anywhere from 0-500.


Most hounds hate this and think that hounds should not be killed, though most of the time this is when they just lost a war. Moreover, hounds multiplication rate is astounding, even if their babies get killed they come back, and it goes on. At first Meatiators hated the idea of this, but after the non-stop obnoxiousness and constant raids of the hounds, most people really didn't care, except for the Togepi who were "allies" with the hounds. A recent treaty created between hounds, togepis, and ice hearts has made it so that ice hearts and togepis can no longer measure their power this way. Alternate ways they can check their power are being created.


  • FlamingFireHound, a popular hound and the leader of many raids does not agree with HKPM.

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