An Ice Heart.

The Ice hearts are a group of people born out of the cold black nothingness of space. Them being a recently discovered species it is unknown whether or not they were made by The Core. It is theorized that It made them just to watch them suffer. This is not unlikely.

Whats it like?

Every day of an ice hearts life they are cold. Not hit-with-snow cold but clothing-less with no shelter or fire in Antarctica during the 1/2 of the year when at night cold. Not very pleasant. Being made of anti-matter they can't touch or eat anything without the use of a Potion. This also complicates relationships with non-ice hearts because anyone who comes in contact with them ceases to exist. So, in a sense, being an Ice Heart isn't fun at all.

Notable members


  • They wear amulets that allow them to control their ice abilities. It is unknown what happens if they try to do something without such an amulet. It is theorized that their power creates a supernova.
  • They wear special sentient cloaks that help keep them from destroying the world, being made of anti-matter if an ice heart touched Earth without their cloak it would be instantly destroyed from the outside to inside to outside.
  • The cloak and amulet can generate shields and perform other task on their own without their master saying so.
  • Endrew has attempted to dissect one but stopped after realizing trying to cut them would destroy his chainsaw. He still watches from afar.

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