Incendie (pronounced on-sawn-dee) is a female Ninetales. She is very shy, and doesn't speak much, the only other Pokémon she trusts is Spitfire, who is also her friend.


Young incendie

Incendie as a Vulpix.

Incendie was born in the Firelands, and had always been friends with Spitfire since she was a Vulpix. She had always accidentally burned herself with her fire powers, but Spitfire taught her how to control her fire powers. Later on, when Incendie evolved into a Ninetales, she started living underground below the surface of the Firelands, where no one would bother her.
Incendie sprite

A sprite of Incendie.


She wears a red scarf with white dots on it, on her head she wears a Fire Flower. She also has tiny eyelashes.


  • Flowers (and setting them on fire)
  • Meat
  • Cheesecake
  • Chasing small bird Pokemon.
  • Hide and seek (her favorite game)


  • Giygas (she has a common fear that Giygas will eat her alive).
  • Loud noises.
  • Winter (too cold!)
  • Anything sour.
  • Rivers

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