3 Itlings lurking in the dark, waiting for their next prey...

are the minions of It, and can take on many forms.


Itlings are known for their differences, some are small, some are huge, some are even both, but no one knows what an Itling looks like to begin with, most Itlings have eyes, but some can be even a simple ball of banadaged up flesh, while others can be that monster you thought didn't exist under your bed.


  • Every Itling is evil, not one is neutral or good.
  • Some Itlings are actually normal to begin with, but become an Itling when they start worshipping it, or die to It.
  • Some make noises, others don't.
  • Some think Cthuli is an Itling, the truth is that he is a chimera created by Patfan1 (on accident).

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