Jokes, better known as Callbacks, are a bunch of phrases that are said randomly throughout Meatworld.

List of Jokes and Callbacks

You haven't been anywhere

"You haven't been anywhere" is a phrase commonly used to imply that someone has only explored only a minor part of a very large place, or someone has walked completley in a circle without realizing it.

X is a Jerk.

"X is a jerk" is a phrase frequently used by WolfyKitty to imply that a person is a jerk, the "X" meaning the person. (e.g. Porky is a jerk, etc, etc.)

Claus Facts

A joke by Count Desertstone. It is used to break silences, and it is about Claus being able to to impossible things. (ex: Claus can melt ice with snow.) It could possibly be a reference to Chuck Norris facts.

Claus Won

Claus Won is another joke by Count Desertstone. (Under Construction)

During the Apocolypse, I'll be too ____ to give a damn

Commonly used by Rekanochi, this phrase is usually used to describe how sleepy/drunk/derpy/anything else to use as an excuse to get out of doing something.

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