Here is a map of Karkos. The right side shows the names of the rivers and their locations.

Karkos is an island that no one has ever heard of. It is home to Yakimura Jungle. In fact, the amount of vegetation is so dense that the whole island is the Yakimura Jungle. There are three long rivers on the island which the Aravii believe are the most important. 

The Three important Rivers

Karkos' Heart

Karkos' Heart is located at the exact center of the island. It is believed that they were the first rivers to be on the island. They are not actually two rivers, as they are connected underground.

Kino River

Kino River is the second river believed to be born on the island. An ancient legend says that Kino was the son of a certain god.

Lotaku River

Lotaku River is the third river believed to be born on the island. Another ancient legend says that Lotaku was the younger sister of Kino.

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