"...I-I challenge you... And... Your dead... Oh...




~King Gieax

King Gieax is the king of the Mewtwo in an Alternate Future where Mewtwo take over the world. He is what Gieax could've been.


Gieax wanted to become king badly. Really, really badly. He challenged a king (it would most likely be Lord Gyian) to a battle. He said it was illegal to be king if the Mewtwo was not a Shiny Mewtwo, but Gieax told him this was insane, and it was nothing more than a "luck-based minigame of life". Gyian accepted this, and instanly Gieax killed him. After that, Gieax became silent for the rest of his life for an unknown reason.


  • Being royal
  • Other Mewtwo
  • His cape and crown
  • Being a Mewtwo
  • Power
  • Fighting


  • Shinies
  • Talking
  • People who dislike him


  • He is the only Mewtwo king that is not a Shiny. Or, he would of been.
  • He only talks during important meetings.

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