Scottnov as a chibi kitten.

The Kittystone is an artifact Scottnov found while exploring a cave in Unicorn Island.


The Kittystone can allow things to transform into a Chibi Kitten/Cat and 

The Kittystone.

back whenever they wish. The colors of the Chibi cat depend on the colors of the species. This form stays until the Kittystone is taken off.

The Kittystone also greatly increases a Chibi Kittens power if it was born a Chibi Kitten.


The Kittystone is a grey rock with a ruby embedded in it, it resembles a cat's head.


Scottnov's wereicorn form.

The ruby glows when it is being used. The Kittystone was made into an amulet by Scottnov, unaware of its transforming powers.


  • While Scottnov is a kitten, he also turns into a Wereicorn.

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