"Your death will not be mourned."


Klauz is the Alternate Universe version of Claus. He is a robot that is rumored to be associated with Porky, and the main destructive force of the Alternate Demension, apparentally. Nobody really knows. He is entirely emotionless. He has a pet Vehemoth Phosbat named Drought.


He looks a lot like Claus, but he has a Green-and-yellow lightsaber and some blue marks on his mask. He has a digital eye on the right side of the mask.




  • "I am original. I am unable to be stolen."
  • "Blood is everything! Yet, I only like the blood of my enemies."
  • "Game Over, pal."
  • "404: Usefulness not found. Heh, 'Ness'."
  • "I serve his highness' duty in the other place. Bzzzzrt."
  • "Beep boop. Oh, no. My robotic instincts are showing."


Bulblax Kingdom (Pikmin 2)


  • He likes to think he's original.
  • If one looks closely, there is a small picture of Giygas in his "mask".
  • He wants to become friends with TheDragonSlayer to kill Nibbley. However, since he has no emotions, he wants to kill her.
  • He sometimes screams "FOR HCNIM YKROP!". Spell that backwards.
  • He may actually be the general of the Pigmask Army.
    • However, it is also rumored Angler may be the general.


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