A list of Chimeras that are less important in the World of Meat Logic than the Rougue Chimera, Midbus, and the Burrowing Bulbear.

Insane Chimeras

Chimeras that are a mix of more than 2 things.

Space Bulbashellmaster

A chimera of a Space Dragon (tail and neck), Bulborb (head), Blue Shell (back), and Landmaster (body). Their attacks include biting, using their tails, and lazors stored inside. The Space Bulbashellmaster doesn't need air, as two of the things it is a mix of are a Space Dragon and a Landmaster. Most of the time, it simply attacks anybody who is an enemy of the Pigmask Army, but other times, the person who turns it on will tell the Space Bulbashellmaster to go and kill whoever claims to be better than them.


A chimera of an Oshawott (feet), Togepi (head), and Bulbmin (body and leaf). Their attacks include most Togepi and Oshawott attacks, and is resistant to fire, water, electicity, and poison, like Bulbmin. They are the size of a small car. The Oshapimin are constantly used to do chores for the Pigmask army, but are used in the Space Pirate-Pigmask War once in a while.


A chimera of a red-nosed reindeer (poor Rudolf, head), Yoshi body), and Snagret (foot). It's about the size of a horse. On an interesting note, it's name in Bulblaxian translates to "glowing nose bird". It uses it's nose to attract treasure hunters, and then captures their soul, only leaving the body behind. It actually used to be a living creature, which is drawn crudely on it's "saddle". Sometimes it looks at it and cries.


Basic Chimeras

Chimeras that are a mix of 2 things.

Grenepi (Extinct)

A chimera of a Greninja (body) and Togepi (legs, head, and feet). These were used in the war often, and sometimes used in attempts to take over the Greninja Tunnels by making them compete in the arena, and make them secretly kill King Orca. This was a failed attempt, and production of these stopped when the Greninja spies kept killing Pigmask soldiers.

Yoshi Troopa

A chimera of a Yoshi and a Koopa. They attack using flutter jumps, ground pounds, getting in their shells, and jumping on people. These are always used for guarding the Empire Porky Bulding.

Scouwntnuv Desertpi

A horrifying beast, made out of Count Desertstone and Scottnov.

Porky wrote this on a notebook pad, but never managed to catch either of them.



A chimera of a Charmander and a Venusaur. It is used to cook things and be used as camoflage. They are commonly used as guard dogs.


A chimera of a Dragonair and a Voltorb. They are used to be thrown at intruders and be

used as bombs. They are the most misunderstood of chimeras, and some of the most common.


Oh no... Not this one...

The Jigglysey are used to stalk Space Pirates in their sleep to make them feel strange and kill themselves. They are used to scare enemies, and they dance to Lavender Town music.



A chimera of a Meowth and a Snorlax. They are used to be thrown onto people as a flamethrower. Yeah... These are actually aggressive, and will attack anything in sight.


A chimera of a Starmie and a Pikachu. Starchu are not used at all. They are killed the second they come out of the Chimera Factory and are used as gems. On rare occaisons, live ones will be used as fake treasure to give to people so the Starchu can kill them.



A chimera of a Machoke and a Haunter. Many of these are used to haunt the dreams of Space Pirates.


This is probably the most annoying (and OP) of chimeras. It has the might of Cthulhu and the mischief of Pikmin. The result is one of the most annoying, evil creatures in existence. There is 999,000 in existence. The reside in the Land of the Lost.


Alpha Chimeras

Chimeras that are one-of-a kind and are used to guard important things, deal a ton of damage, ect.


A chimera of a Moltres and a Mewtwo that is used to guard a large weaponry in the depths of the Pigmask Side of SSPI. It has a strong hatred for Claus. The Moltwo is actually a female, as a small note. The Moltwo is controlled by Midbus, and is his best friend. Ever. Ridley makes jokes about "Moltwo x Midbus".



  • Starchu, Meowlax, Jigglysey, and Dragonorb are used as tools and not weapons. This gives them their nickname, the False Four.
  • Most of the Chimeras are Pokemon because Pigmasks use a LOT of Master Balls.
    • Most of the Pokemon Chimeras are... Rather interesting...

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