"This Helix Fossil joke is getting old."

~Lord Dome

Lord Dome is a Kabutops who is a former Pigmask Army Pokemon slave and the leader of a small group of Kabuto in Tacoiteria.


Dome was revived from a Dome Fossil along with his former rival, Praise the Omantye. Dome and Praise were revived by Porky Minch as an attempt to try to find out a way to revive old Chimeras by studying how Fossil Pokemon are revived. The two were put in a large aquarium, and they evolved there. They often fought over things like food, rocks, and toys. 3 years after evolving, they were forced to fight Wraith to see how well their battling skills were. Dome and Praise ran as fast as they could, and eventually got away from the Pigmask army entirely. They became friends while on a trip to Tacoiteria, but Praise went to another place (it is currently unknown where) while Dome was sleeping. 5 months after that, he met 25 Kabuto who called him "Lord Dome", and he eventually decided to be their leader.


  • Fossils
  • Claus (this is one of Count's pages, what did you expect?)
  • Other Pokemon



  • On his right claw, if you look very closely, it says "PIGMASK ARMY PKMN - KABU, REVIVED FROM FOSSIL, #245".
    • On most chimeras and slave Pokemon in the Pigmask army, there is the age of the creature instead of "REVIVED FROM FOSSIL", and the number says that it's the (put number here) Chimera/Pokemon to be made/raised. For example, the Ultimate Chimera's button said "PIGMASK ARMY CHIM - ULTI, 3, #1".
  • He oversleeps a lot.
  • This trivia is not interesting in the slightest.
  • He has a fear of Cradily.

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