"It's actually quite easy being green. You got misguided by the Muppets again, didn't you?"

~Lord Gyian

Lord Gyian is a Shiny Mewtwo and the king of Mewtwo Mountain. He stays in his room most of the time, and only comes out when in an emergency. He tried to defend Gieax's egg from the Pigmask Army, but ended up failing.

(I would make him be Gieax's father, but the royal parent plot twist is cliche)


Not much is known about Gyian's life before he became king of the Mewtwo. However, since Shiny Mewtwo are allowed to challenge the current king for the throne, he decided to try one day. The king at the time was Master Xewdos, a strong Mewtwo who wore armor often. Gyian challenged him to a battle. He trained hard for the next few weeks, and when the time came, he went to the middle of the Mewtwo Mountain. Gyian was just about to get killed, but a few mining Mewtwo made rocks fall on Xewdos by accident, killing him. Since then, Gyian has been ruler of the Mewtwo.




  • Gyian's name in Bulblaxian translates to "Green Claw".
    • Xewdos' name translates to "Destructive Mango".
  • His favorite food is ice cream.

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