The Lord of the Lost Lands.

The Lord of the Lost Lands is the Lord of the Land of the Lost.


The Lord of the Lost Lands is very cold, very blunt, and very mean! The Lord attacks anyone but his minions on sight. He can kill near anyone with just himself,and his bare hands. He is expected to be the reason of the many deaths of the Lost Lands adventurers. He awakes whenever someone touches one of the needles in the Land of the Lost.


The Lord of the Lost Lands was once a very happy (and slightly spoiled) child, but he lived with an evil king. The king hardly let him interact with anyone, so the Lord became very bitter and lonely. In his older years he killed the king and took over the land, anyone who dare stay was transformed into a horrible monster from the Lord's evil new powers. Life became boring, and so he slept, and is still sleeping today.

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