Luna is Lunifer's twin, a minor god. She acts like a normal annoying teenager, and sometimes forgets to help Lunifer raise the moon. The cause of eclipses, everybody. Unlike her brother, she doesn't travel much, only stays in 2 or 3 worlds and that's it. 


Luna is usually a wolf, but sometimes a seal like Lunifer, and she has a similar pattern. She is night blue, with white moons. She wears a black tiara, just to make her happy. She has a red cloak, and a matching moon necklace to Lunifer. 


Luna is kind of braggy like her brother, but in a more royal way. She acts like a princess, and hopes to have a happy lively blah clah dah future with a prince, but Lunifer doubts that. She thinks that minor gods get special royal treatment, but dey don't.


  • Texting
  • Dating
  • Cake
  • Annoying and making Lunifer angry
  • Being called princess


  • Raising the moon 
  • Lunifer
  • Being blamed for eclipses
  • Being dumped
  • Being called royal pain


  • Pierce Scream: She can scream like a bat and temporarily deafen somebody normal for 1 minute. Often used for threatening Lunifer.
  • Moon Slice: Make the moons come of her body and slash people, like Lunifer. However, it is weaker than Lunifer's.
  • Shadow Bow: Although she cannot form ANYTHING with a shadow of hers, she can still form a bow and arrows and shoot people. Often trying to shoot Lunifer. Only can be used under the glow of a moon.

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