Lunifer is a minor god (god that can obviously die and is not super invincible) seal and raises the moon AKA Morp, along with his twin Luna. Although most peeps just call a minor god a god because real gods are called great gods.


Lunifer wears a fox hat, bow and arrows or backpack, a moon necklace, is orange, and has black moons all over him. His eyes are normally black, but turn red when seriously angry and mad and blue when super sad. His fox hat has emotions, usually annoyed by Lunifer. Because it is alive, (but can't move much) it can bite people.




Lunifer is a little ambitious, brave, and also quite proud. He can sometimes be a little off topic, and can even be foolish enough to walk to his own death. He thinks being minor god is going to make him invincible, but no, he only exists to play a role, Minor gods or goddesses can make a contract with death if they die, but it is hard, hurts a lot, and requires a sacrifice of somebody you KNOW and CARE ABOUT. How sad, Lunifer is going to be crippled.


  • Fighting
  • Being respected
  • Lots n lots of food
  • Friends
  • Racing
  • Bragging
  • Morp


  • Eclipses
  • Luna forgetting to raise da moon with him
  • Losing
  • Being beaten
  • Stomachaches
  • Sulus (Sulus called him worthless)


  • Moon slice: The black moons come off Lunifer and keep slashing who he desires. Like a boomerang.
  • Scare Glare: Can just do a glare that scares only some mortals.
  • Shadows Shapes: Only under a moon, can Lunifer make a shadow thingy (example, a horse.)


  • Get sick really easily
  • Bad luck very terrible bad luck


  • His fox hat is alive with emotions, usually annoyed by Lunifer. It can bite if you annoy it, and usually bites Lunifer when he is acting foolish.
  • Lunifer is a minor god, and minor gods are just gods that can die, and also take a form of some weirdo animal.
  • Lunifer's sprite is the Lunisprite.
  • Lunifer's Lunisprite is more brightly coloured than most other sprites, and it is unknown why.

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