Maljitas are an evil race of fajitas that have only one goal: to destroy all Tacito Mexicano. They are generally not very smart, however. They also do not have any transformation powers, although they are immune to fire. They are extremely clumsy. This is what makes them jealous toward the Tacito Mexicano.


  • Melted Cheese Spray: Spray melted cheese at target.
  • Doofus Attack: Trip over something and run into target.


  • Death to Tacito Mexicano
  • Themselves
  • Fajitas
  • Evil alchemists
  • Diabolists


Where (WIP)

It is unknown where the Maljitas live, as they have been spotted as far south as the Falkland Islands and as far north as Switzerland. They appear to frequent Mexico, due to the abundance of Tacito Mexicano to mug and the abundance of fajitas that may be brought to an alchemist or mage (such as a Diabolist) to revive into Maljitas.

Battle cry

"For a world free of Tacito Mexicano! For melted cheese for all! And for Maljitas everywhere! Melt them!"

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