"Oh, I see you got a 20 on my test..'.

It would be so unfortunate...

If the teacher calls you up the the board for me more often."


Math is a strange, demonic substance that goes into the minds of teachers and forces people to do its bidding. Not much is known about Math. The picture might just explain what else it does.

Pokemon Form

Math has a Pokemon form. It is a mixture of a Marchamp and a Meowth, which may hint at it being a Chimera. In this form, Math has gained a voice which sounds like a ghostly G-major version of Navi's voice.


  • Making people's lives miserable
  • Math (durrr)
  • Everything you hate
  • Teachers



"You don't understand that? Hmm... What a shame. Let's make the teacher treat you like a 2-year old! I wish I could do a trollface..."

"Write this down, and write this down. Oh, you forgot to write that down. Don't forget that. Oh, and I erased the date, so go and write that down."

"If these 2 people can't stop talking, nobody can! EVERYONE WILL SUFFER! Oh, and you forgot your homework. TOO BAD."

"I see it's your first day back to school after being sick for a long time... ENRICHMENT IT IS."

"Calculators? I don't believe in caclulators."

"You don't know what this is? Let's make your school archenemy and let them teach you. Have fun!"


  • Math hates everyone. No exceptions.
  • Math is actually genderless, which is why Math is described as an "it".
  • When Math is not in its Pokemon form, it is unable to see, feel, smell, or taste. You can hear it, though, which is a heck of a pity.

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